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Introduction to our Classes and Services

Our Commitment


Forever Friends Dog Training offers a wide variety of classes on an ongoing basis.  All of our courses and seminars are designed to help you, the owner, teach your dog to respond reliably to a variety of cues, while you learn to better understand canine development and appropriate social behaviour. Our training methods are reward-based with appropriate discipline to increase your dog's reliability and enjoyment of learning. We are committed to providing top quality instruction in a professional manner in both official languages.

You will learn:
  • an understanding of dog behaviour, and
  • effective skills to teach your dog to interact appropriately in a human environment.
Your dog will learn how to:
  • respond appropriately to visual and verbal signals; 
  • remain calm in situations of high activity; 
  • give you focused attention; 
  • ignore other attractions in close proximity.
Problem Resolution:
Forever Friends also offers classes for dogs displaying inappropriate behaviour towards you, or to other people, or dogs.  Classes include initial behaviour assessments, de-arousal and de-sensitization exercises, and a focus on improved owner handling and observation skills.  All work is respectful to the dogs and is supported by positive reinforcement techniques that are effective and humane.
  • require a minimum of 4 dogs
  • typically have a maximum of 8 dogs
  • run for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted.
  • are 55 minutes long
To reserve a spot for any of our courses, please  click here  to provide your information.  As space in each class is limited to 8 persons, a credit card number is required to reserve your space in the class.
Please print and fill out the
bring both to your first class. 
To promote a consistent approach to training your pet, we encourage all family members to join in our training sessions.
When attending classes, please bring the following with you: proof of last set of vaccinations, 6 ft leash, and yummy, healthy treats. You are also welcome to bring a Kong or other chew toy if you think your dog might need it to relax.
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations will be accepted up to seven days prior to the class start, and a refund will be issued, minus a $35.00 administration fee. Refunds will not be issued after the cancellation period. Under exceptional circumstances, we will be happy to discuss alternate arrangements.



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